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Below are some statistics about Equafleece® that you may (or may not) find interesting.

16 acres of Polartec® fleece are made into garments each year at our workshop in the UK.

56 countries around the world have Equafleece® customers.

85% of our Polartec® fleece content is recycled plastic bottles, and we upcycle offcuts into our Dog Not dog toys.

1,023 is our record for email enquiries received in a single day.

1,946 is our record for orders received in a single day.

2,510 is our record for phone calls answered in a single day.

2,854 is our record for parcels packed in a single day.

3,308 different combinations of product, size and colour are available (not including zips and faux-fur collars).

3,699 is our record for garments made in a single week by our team of machinists in the UK.

4,664 is our record for parcels despatched in a single day.

12,686 is our record for parcels despatched in a single week.

39,772 is our record for individual items despatched in a single month.

133,000 parcels are despatched each year (approximately).

169,000 individual items are despatched each year (approximately).

1,300,000 visitors browse our websites each year (approximately).

10,000,000 page views on our websites each year (approximately).